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Freeware software : Desktop management utility


     ICONDESK v1.3.4  / 2.Dec.2001

          Get ICONDESK v1.3.3(Beta)ICONDESK v1.3.4 (IDesk134.Zip)

          Supported Platforms : Win9x, Windows ME , Win NT , Win2K, Windows XP

Get ICONDESK v1.3.3ICON DESK v1.3.3 ( 

Supported Platforms : Win9x, Windows ME , Win NT , Win2K


New features added :

  1. Activates Screen Saver immediately
  2. New Settings User Interface
  3. Command line options are supported


*(use only one BEGINxxxx  option)


  1. /BEGINHIDE     hides the icons automatically when starting ICONDESK
  2. /BEGINSHOW    shows  the icons automatically when starting ICONDESK
  3. /BEGINREMEMBER remembers the last hide/show icon state  when starting ICONDESK
  4. /COLOR(nnn,nnn,nnn)  defines text color the icons labels
    (nnn,nnn,nnn) means  (Red, Green, Blue) and  nnn = 0..255 
  5. /ENDSHOWICON  shows the icons when terminating ICONDESK
  6. /ENDSHOWWINDOWS shows all hided windows when terminating ICONDESK
  7. /INTERVALmmmmm    sets the monitoring desktop interval time(500..50000 milliseconds)
  8. /MONITOR  or  /NOMONITOR  sets the ICONDESK that would be check the changes on DESKTOP.
  9. /TERMINATE sets the ICONDESK that terminates itself immediately after the initial settings.
  10. /TRANSPARENT or /NOTRANSPARENT  changes the Desktop Icons Labels that are disappear transparently.
  11. /RESET resets all ICONDESK parameters to the assumed values.

Get ICONDESK v1.2ICON DESK v1.2 (Setup.Zip) :

Version    : 1.2
Platforms : Win9x , Win NT , Win2K, Windows ME

You can hide windows (all or some of them), now.

press CTRL-ALT-H keys to hide all windows.

press CTRL-ALT-S keys to show all hided windows

or press CTRL-ALT-TAB keys to toggle the windows (between hide and show state).

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Get IconDesk v1.0ICON DESK v1.0 (IconDesk.Zip) :    

Version    : 1.0
Platforms : Win9x , Win NT (3.51 and over) , Win2K, Windows ME

IconDesk is a powerful utility that gives you control over the icons in your computer desktop.

IconDesk can make the background of these labels transparent so that you can see the wallpaper behind.

IconDesk can change the color of these labels so that you can see them clearly.

IconDesk can hide the icons on your desktop.

IconDesk can make the display properties available and reboot your computer from the system tray.

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